Thursday, March 13, 2008


Back about 2003, shortly after I became comics manager, I (with help from my pals Scott and Matt) initiated a stupid little social experiment that eventually become the Heroes and Dragons Comic Club. Now, roughly five years later, it looks like the HDCC's coming to an end.

I guess I sort of self-imposed myself (?) as the HDCC's chairman when it first started, and ended up officiating for most of it's existence. That sounds more formal than I'd like, but mostly chairing meant pushing the club in the store, keeping track of membership, deciding on a book each month, making sure it was available and that it was ordered in time for the meetings. The HDCC was a powerhouse that first year, and really did well. We averaged something like 15+ members a meeting. The first little misstep came, I think, when I took another job and left the store. After that, it got harder and harder to stay on track. But Tug and Chris were both great at stepping in and helping pick up the slack, and the HDCC would've gone under long ago if not for the two of them. Thanks, fellas.

Oh, and sometimes chairing meant getting special guests to phone-in and discuss their work, which, if I'm being completely honest, was probably my favorite part of Comic Club. I was lucky enough to get some one-on-one time (sorry... too much VH1) with most of our guests in the days and weeks leading up to the meeting, and let me tell you... if you thought I geeked out during the club, you should've heard me on the phone with Steve Englehart at home. We're lucky the guy even took our call after that.

Of course, keeping members interested was always the toughest thing. During our last meeting, I noticed that Chris, Scott, Trey, and me were really the only guys left from the first group. Weird. It's strange to think how many folks have come and gone. The Dacks. Terry. Kiyana. Fuckin' Mike Autry. Yeah, weird... and just... damn.

I intended to write more, but...

It's been a good ride, and I mean this -- if someone wants to pick up the torch, PLEASE be my guest. I'd love to see what somebody else did with it. But for me, it's been five years of first Thursdays, several of which should've really been spent with my beautiful wife... to stay with it any longer, I'd just be doing it out of habit and not out of love.

So goodnight, Comic Club, and all you HDCCers. Thanks for talking comics with me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


We take a little break from superheroics this month, as the HDCC turns its eyes, not only toward the anthropomorphic, but also the international as we discuss PRIDE OF BAGHDAD by Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon, published by Vertigo/DC comics.

Baghdad first came out as an original hardcover a little over a year ago, and I dodged it on the shelves then, opting to wait for the softcover. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about reading this one since it'll be the first time for me -- something that I don't get outta comic club very often.
We'll be meeting at the Villa at 7:30PM on February 7th to rap about the cats. If you've got questions or need directions, call (803)731-4376 or (803)731-9049 and we'll get you taken care of.
Look forward to seeing you all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Know what I heard?

Some years ago, this dude called the Beyonder kidnapped a bunch of Earth's bravest heroes and most maniacal villains and took them to this place he made called Battle World and made 'em fight. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Well, if you answered the above question with "YES" then you don't want to miss out on the first HDCC meeting of 2008, when we'll be discussing Marvel's Secret Wars - a Dragon fan-favorite if there ever was one.

We'll be getting together on January 3rd at the Villa around 7:30PM.
Let me know if you're going to make it:


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The Heroes & Dragons Comics Club is proud to announce the our new social networking site, The Club of Mars Heroes & Dragons @ Ning! To join, email me or Chad, and we'll send you the invite; as the club is closed to the public. This way we'll weed through spam and people who want to be your fake internet friend so they can tell you about their emo band or whatever.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Save a buck or two this December or buy something for someone you love, either way... there's no new comic for December.

Yes, that's right, gang. The HDCC is taking a break from the wonderful world of comics dissection during the 12th month of '07, but that doesn't mean we're not going to meet.

Nope, you're not getting away that easily. We'll still be getting together at the Villa on the evening of December 6th @ 7:30PM for a little end of the year HDCC banter, we just won't be discussing a particular book.

One thing I will be addressing are some changes in the way the club works, and they're good changes... I think you'll all be pretty happy about these.

As usual, if you're going to make it, let me know so I can let the Villa know - hit me here:

I look forward to seeing you guys on the 6th of December.


Monday, October 29, 2007


Howdy, campers.

Sorry we haven't updated sooner, but that happens sometimes, y'know?

A quick update to let you all know that our November meeting has been pushed back a week.

Instead of meeting this Thursday, we're shifting things to next Thursday which is November 8th. We'll be discussing Matt Fraction's and Kieron Dwyer's modern day western, Last of the Independents by AIT/PlanetLar... and if you're not sure what that is, do a quick Google search and all questions will be answered.

And just to change things up even more, we'll be starting out at the store (just like old times) at 7:30PM and then moving to a eating spot once the meetings over... maybe the Villa, maybe not.

Oh, and did I mention we've got Matt Fraction as a call-in guest?

Yeah, you won't wanna miss this one.

Email me with questions:

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yeah, so it looks like the jockery beats geekery again... and if you're not used to it by now, well, there's still time to book a seat on that rocketship off planet.

This month's Comic Club meeting will be rescheduled to Thursday, October 11th at 7:30 at the Villa.

We'll be chatting about Planet Hulk - copies still available at the Dragon at 25% off (that's an additional 5% to our normal 20%).

Email me at if you've got questions.

Enjoy the game.