Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What do you want to read next?

One of the struggles at the end of each club is to figure out what to read for next month. So what are some suggestions for our October meeting? Post them in the comments, and we'll put up a vote/poll later.

I'll throw one out - a collection of the Waid/Ringo Flash run (assuming it's in print)

Any others?


tug said...

Just any Waid/Wieringo trade collection? I definitely think it'd be a great idea to talk about Wieringo. He was always super nice and a hell of an artist. What about the Waid FF stuff he did. Most of it isn't in trade anymore, but I can look.

Philip Looney said...

That's a good idea too! I'm surprised the Waid/Ringo FF isn't in trade...